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Following the purchase of our latest NEFF Oven from conway tv you will want to ensure you can get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. This handy guide from brand ambassador Nikki makes the first steps and set up as easy as possible. Start with setting:


1. Your desired language

2. The Time & Date 

3. The Water Hardness (Which you can obtain from your water supplier)

4. If you have an appliance that uses the latest Home Connect feature, allowing you to control your oven with your smart phone, simply download the Home Connect feature and follow the on screen instructions. 


Then you are all done and ready to cook delicious meals in your new oven! Once you have experienced the perfect cooking performance of the NEFF you can upgrade to other NEFF appliances from conway tv by checking out the full range of hobs, hoods and more. 


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