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Afternoon tea is as quintessentially English as the Royal family or a Sunday Roast. However, those who have sat for afternoon tea more than once will quickly see a pattern to the menu. While the order of the day is variety, one can quickly become bored by the 'classic' afternoon without much exposure to it. Endless plain sandwiches and dull sponge cakes are enough to wear anyone down.

However putting your own spin on the classic afternoon team is certainly something that can liven up the mood when entertaining. Upping the game from mild, milky teas is just one way to put your own twist on the proceedings, especially when you create special pairings with your food. Some great pairs to try include:

  • Salmon Bilini and a Match Martini 
  • Chocolate Cupcakes and a chai-infused White Russian 
  • Citrus Jammie Dodgers and a Chamomile, Honey & Whiskey Cocktail
  • Rose & Pistachio Cake and Mint Tea Julips
  • Savoury Scones and an Earl Grey Margherita

However these are just suggestions, and creating your own combinations is a sure fire way to breath some life into the classic afternoon tea!





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