Make the most out of your fresh ingredients with the new HSO450 SV steam oven from Hoover. This appliance has been designed to blend in with any kitchen design seamlessly, creating that contemporary finish that you have always dreamt about. Sleek black glass paired with a stainless steel handle simply turns this oven into the conversation piece of any kitchen. The steam cooking functions allow you to take your fresh ingredients and turn them into meals that are truly unforgettable.


Unbeatable Cooking Functionality 


Arriving home after a long day at work can leave you craving a delicious home cooked meal. First we check to see what ingredients you have in stock. Then creativity takes over, whether you live by a reliable cookbook or you simply believe in your own finesse, you can definitely trust this oven to provide a program that turns any old ingredients into a midweek masterpiece. This Hoover steam oven comes equipped with 9 versatile cooking functions. All of which can be selected in a matter of seconds, creating Michelin star cooking results time after time. Cooking healthy yet delicious food has never been so easy. For all busy families, this oven allows you to cook healthy and fresh food every night of the week, giving your loved ones the nutrition they need to thrive. 


Selection Designed To Perfections 


When craftsmanship and technology meet in perfect harmony. This Hoover oven comes equipped with one of the most advanced LED displays on the market, making program selection an absolute pleasure. The Full LED Programmer is a modern interface which empowers you to customise the program to meet the requirements of your recipe. Control the heat down to the exact degree, input the weight of ingredients and get real time calculation on how long the dish will take to prepare. These are only a couple of the incredible features that are found within the Full LED Programmer. An amazing addition to any household, this Hoover oven will noticeably change your everyday life.


Accommodate For Your Friends & Family  



With the weekly schedule being ever so tight, we all love to make the most out of time off. What better place to meet up with family and friends than within the comfort of our own home. This new steam oven from Hoover empowers you to accommodate for gatherings of all sizes. Boasting a capacity of 34 Litres you can finally invite all of your loved ones round to enjoy some delicious home cooked food. Everyone has different taste buds so why would you cook everyone the exact same meal? This added cooking capacity opens up the possibilities to cook multiple dishes at the exact same time. Not only will this added capacity save you time when preparing dishes but you can now present all dishes at the exact same time leaving your guests in awe. 


Reducing Energy Wasted With Every Meal


As your oven is an essential part of your daily routine you would only expect that the cooking performance is matched with top of the range energy efficiency. This oven from Hoover has been purposely designed around efficiency, offering an A++ energy efficiency rating you will always have the peace of mind that this oven will be utilising every ounce of energy provided. A must have for every budget conscious individual, this oven will keep running costs at all all time low whilst still creating favour packed dishes time after time again.


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