Outstanding cooking performance, innovative front displays and a range of versatile cooking programs, all packed within one sleek yet stylish appliance. The new HO7D3120IN oven from Hoover has been designed to blend in with contemporary kitchen design effortlessly. Boasting a stunning stainless steel finish topped off with a tinted glass door this oven will definitely become the talking point of your kitchen.  


A Program For Every Recipe


Cooking is far more than a necessity, it’s a hobby that many of us have a great passion for. Having the ability to tackle any recipe is a major factor that many look for when investing in a new oven. The latest HO7D3120IN truly takes this requirement very seriously, offering 8 versatile cooking functions within one dazzling appliance ensures that you’ll always have the confidence to take on the most complex recipes. Never fear to prepare a new cut of meat again, the reliable preset cooking programs will be here to support you every step of the way. 


Have Full Control Over Every Variable 


Preparing complexed dishes can leave us having to tailor the cook to the finest detail, whether this is an exact temperature or a specific time it’s extremely important that we have this full control. This latest oven from Hoover uses a stylish yet simple display to make it easy to have full control over every variable. The display is accompanied by rotary dials and touch controls, empowering you to tailor every aspected of your selected program to meet your recipes requirements. 


Chemical-Free Cleaning At Your Fingertips 


Spend less time cleaning and more time cooking thanks to the latest cleaning feature integrated within your new oven from Hoover. The new HydroEasyClean allows you to tackle any grit and grease deposits that have built up over time, from there it's a single wipe of a soft cloth leaving the oven spotless. The HydroEasyClean function enables you to cut your time for cleaning in half with a reliable steam cleaning. Chemical-free cleaning has arrived, all it takes is 300ml of cold water and it will leave your oven looking as clean as the day of purchase. 


The Environmentally Friendly Cooking Solution 


With the efficiency becoming ever so important in recent years, every home is looking for an appliance which keeps energy waste to a minimum will no compromise on functionality. Offering an incredible A+ rated energy efficiency rating you can now have the total peace of mind that your new oven will be utilising every ounce of energy. Highly efficient fans accompanied by a compact cavity ensures that heat is distributed effectively throughout to create Michelin star cooking results without the price tag. Saving you money on your electricity bills when you need it most. 


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