Clean dishes resemble a well looked after household. Whether you're only accommodating for yourself or your family, the dishwasher must be relied upon to offer spotless results time after time. This sleek integrated dishwasher from Hoover, pairs unbeatable performance with a contemporary design, to create a seamless finish blending in effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen.


Capacity For The Entire Family 


Keeping up with the busy demand of family life is no easy task. Regardless of the size of the family, we often find ourselves tight on time. Is this a result of an over planned schedule or maybe this is down to us wasting time unnecessarily throughout the day. This Hoover dishwasher reduces the time taken tackling dirty dishes by offering the capacity that your household needs. Boasting 13 place settings, you will always have the space to wash all your dirty pots and pans within one effective wash cycle. Perfectly designed for dealing with the weekly fry up. Watch all of your dirty pots and pans disappear into the dishwasher with plenty of room to spare.  


The All In One Solution For Dirty Dishes


With no two days being the same, It's imperative that you have a dishwasher that tailors the wash cycle to meet your specific needs and requirements. The latest DYNAMIC NEXT technology offers the perfect solution for all your washing needs. Carefully selected programs can be found at your fingertips with the simple and user friendly interface. From there the dishwasher will take care of everything. This is an amazing feature for the family home, allowing you to find the program you need with minimal hassle. Designed to fit the ever changing needs of the family home, you can truly rely on this dishwasher to save you time and effort when you need it most. 


Clean Dishes Timed To Perfections


Working life can leave us feeling like the clock never stops ticking. With this fast paced lifestyle there comes a demand for a dishwasher which provides the punctuality that we deserve. This new dishwasher from Hoover comes equipped with the latest START DELAY technology, empowering you to start the wash cycle at a time that best suits you. You can even delay the wash cycle for up to 9 hours ensuring that your dirty dishes finish cleaning at the exact time that you desire. Especially helpful for those evenings where you only have time to start the washing late in the evenings. Now you can just delay the wash cycle so that it starts first thing in the morning. Keeping your night sleep totally undisturbed whilst ensuring you have one less thing to take care of in the morning. 


Efficiency Time After Time 


This Hoover dishwasher provides an incredible energy efficiency rating of A+ meaning that every wash load comes out sparkling clean with minimal energy going to waste. Not only will this mean that you will be lessening your effects on the environment but it also means that you will be saving more when it comes to paying the bills at the end of the month. As the effects we have on the environment are becoming more apparent, we all need to make changes to our daily lives to reduce these negative effects we are causing. By choosing this energy efficient dishwasher you will be playing your part saving our planet. 


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