Pairing sleek aesthetics with unbeatable energy efficiency, the latest Hoover DXOA610AHFN7B washing machine creates the perfect addition to the family home. The polished black exterior allows this washing machine to blend in with any interior decor seamlessly. Giving your clothes specialist care has never been so easy, let the intuitive digital display take the stress away from selecting the desired program leaving you to simply press to start and walk away. It's as easy as pressing start and leaving the washing machine to do what it does best, eliminate stains and provide specialist care for every item of clothing.


Saving You Time When You Need It Most 


With the busy demand of family life always keeping you on your toes, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Although laundry day may only be once a week, there is always a need for getting this chore completed efficiently so you can get on with your day. This latest Hoover washing machine is designed to offer top of the range performance whilst reducing the time you have left waiting for around for the cycle to complete. Hoover’s DYNAMIC NEXT empowers you to be able to accommodate the entire families washing needs in just one cycle. In under an hour you can achieve ice white work shirts, preparing yourself for the week ahead. Equally suitable for last-minute wash cycles you can rely on this washing machine to give you efficiency when you need it most.   


Eliminate The Needs For Separating Your Wash Loads


Separating your wash loads into two piles, light and darks, is now a thing of the past. The latest washing machine comes equipped with Dynamic Next technology enabling you to wash all your favourite clothing items in a single cycle. Perfect for the family home, this washing machine is built to minimise the time spent dealing with the laundry. When laundry day finally rolls around, you will have the confidence that your washing machine can deal with all clothing items within one versatile wash cycle. Never worry about mixing colours again, the Dynamic Next technology will keep your favourite outfits looking brand new for many years to come. 


Connecting Washing Performance With Your Phone 


As we all move closer to having a smart home it's now becoming the norm to have full control of your home in one place. Lights, heating and even your coffee machine can all now all be controlled remotely, yes from your mobile! The latest washing machine from Hoover offers the same reliable connection between your phone and you've highly relied upon appliances. The ONE TOUCH technology is as simple as it sounds. Select the dedicated program through the Hoover Wizard app on your phone and place the device against the appliance. The NFC technology will communicate your desired program to the washing machine. This feature allows you to effortlessly select a suitable program wherever you may be. Immaculate cleaning results in simply one touch.


Stealthy Performance 


A sleek design combined with consistently stealthy motors, this Hoover washing machine truly offers it all. Nobody should have to raise their voice to complete with the loud noises created by the washing machine. For this reason, the latest Hoover washing machine comes equipped with MAXIMUM SILENCE, using introverted motors to keep every cycle extremely quiet regardless of the spin speed. An amazing addition to any home, this Hoover washing machine is designed to blend into the background of everyday life effortlessly. 


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