Waking up and getting dressed has never felt so good. There is no better feeling than putting on a freshly washed pair of socks on preparation for another wonderful day. This new washing machine from Hoover has been carefully designed for unbeatable washing results whilst helping you stay on top of the family's laundry needs.


Make a statement with your new Hoover washing machine. Clean aesthetics catch the sunlight to create a natural glow that everyone will notice the moment they step into the kitchen. The classic Hoover design allows this washing machine to blend in seamlessly with any existing interior decor scheme creating that contemporary finish that you've always wanted. 


Say Goodbye To Pink Shirts


We have all done it, all it takes is one red shirt to slip in the whites and everything is ruined. With Hoover’s All In One Wash, you can all finally part ways with this inconvenience. This ingenious washing technology gives you the power to wash every item of clothing at the same time, regardless of the fabric or material. Simply load in your whites, darks and brights all together with zero chance of your clothing being ruined. Perfect for dealing with the family's laundry needs, you will no longer have run multiple wash cycles, saving you time when you need it most. 


Speed With Every Cycle 


Running a busy household has never been easy. Especially when you have little ones running around making mess 24/7. There is one place where you can save some time, taking care of the laundry. This new Hoover washing machine comes equipped with a quick wash cycle which takes care of a 1.5KG wash load in just 14 minutes. You can’t prepare for the unexpected, but at least your new washing machine will have the speed and efficiency to take care of whatever life throws at you.


Manage Your Washing On The Go 


Download the perfect wash program, start and pause the wash cycle, monitor progress, all of this can now be done on the go through the incredible new Hoover Wizard application. Your new wifi-enabled washing machine effortlessly connects with the application allowing you to have full control wherever you may be.  Never spend your Sundays stuck to the washing machine again. This intelligent washing machine will give you the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want whilst your laundry is taken care of in the background. You can even connect the washing machine to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to wash your clothes with the power of your voice.


Unbeatable Energy Efficiency 


Never waste another penny again with the new DWOA413AHFN8 washing machine From Hoover. Boasting an incredible A+++ Energy efficiency rating you will never need to spend a penny more than you should. Combined with a whopping 13KG capacity there's now nothing stopping you tackling the entire family laundry needs within one efficient yet effective wash cycle. Designed for the family home, this washing machine will transform the way you wash your clothes, saving you time and money every step of the way. 


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