A delicious seafood dish perfectly tailored towards a busy weekday evening. Simon Rimmer's Monkfish and Artichoke combines seafood, and potatoes in perfect harmony to create a dish to remember. 

1) Firstly, heat your pan over high heat until piping hot then add olive oil 

2) Next, place floured monkfish into the plan and enjoy that satisfying sizzling sound

3) Add prawns to the pan and cook until you get a nice colour on both the fish and the prawns 

4) Next, add a generous serving of sun dried tomato butter and leave to melt 

5) Now add your potatoes, cherried tomatoes and artichokes to the pan and place the pan into a preheated oven

6) Finally, cook all those wonderful favours together in the oven for 25 minutes then serve with parsley and lemon juice  


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