Immaculate aesthetics paired with unbeatable performance, the new HVN 6182X5K Fridge Freezer from Hoover offers it all. With a generous 313 Litres of storage space, this fridge freezer is ideal for the average weekly shop and all the other family favourites. The clean metallic finish is complemented by discrete, submerged handles giving this fridge freezer a smooth overall appearance which blends in effortlessly with all worktop designs. Hoover is a brand you know and trust when it comes to quality appliances, the latest fridge freezer is no exception, remarkable build quality and innovative functionality make this fridge freezer truly special. 




Storage That Preserves Maximum Freshness 


Eating deliciously fresh ingredients may just be more affordable than you think. One of the incredible new features built into this fridge freezer is the large salad crisper. Located within the fridge section a large storage container is solely dedicated to maximising crispness for fruit and vegetables. Offering the perfect conditions for storing fresh ingredients you to be able to keep your ingredients for longer with minimum effects on the texture and flavour. Now, with the assistance of the dedicated salad crisper, you can correctly store your fresh ingredients until the day you enjoy them. Not only does this extend the life of fresh ingredients but it also ensures that vibrant colours you know and love are retained days after purchase. 


Full Transparency When Your Need It Most 


Never struggle to plan a meal again with the new transparent storage shelves. Getting home after a long and busy day can leave you desperately putting together a tasty meal for you and the family. It can be exceptionally difficult to plan every element of the meal when you’re struggling to see what ingredients you have. With the new transparent shelves, you’re able to quickly locate all the ingredients you need in a matter of no time. Planning a meal has never been so easy, now with only a quick look, you can put together an idea of the meal you wish to make. This not only saves you time in the evenings but it can also help keep you from wasting energy. Being able to quickly check what ingredients you have reduces the amount of time left with the door open loosing precious cool air. 


Never Manually Defrost The Freezer Again 


Frostless storage is now here to stay, with the latest fridge freezer from Hoover you can say goodbye to the stress caused by manually defrosting your freezer and say hello to the future of refrigeration. The Total Frost Free System creates an effective circulation of cold air throughout the cavity resulting in conditions that eliminate the formation of Ice Crystal. Perfect for large families the Total Frost Free System will ensure that zero frost is formed, leaving you with more storage space to store your favourite frozen items. A large pizza, big bags of chips whatever your needs are, you can have the total peace of mind that this fridge freezer has adequate space to store it all.


Reliable Energy Efficiency 


The new Hoover HVN 6182X5K 50/50 Fridge Freezer boasts an incredible energy efficiency rating of  A+ keeping your energy bills low month after month. Running a family home can be very expensive but with the added support of energy efficiency appliance you can really bring down your monthly bills down dramatically. Packed full of the most advanced energy efficiency features, you’ll always be protected from energy going to waste. Equipped with an open door alarm you will always be warned when the door is left open and the cool air is escaping, a game-changer for meddling young children. With a built-in energy-efficient LED bulb you can save up to 15 times more energy compared to the traditional bulb. All of these innovative new features come together to create a truly energy-efficient fridge freezer. 


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