Unbeatable performance has never looked so stylish. The latest HDP1DO39B dishwasher from Hoover is simply the perfect addition to the family home, combining intuitive functionality with a sleek yet stylish design creates a reliable helping hand when it comes to cleaning the dishes. Gone are the days where you have to clean half of your dishes by hand, now its simply load up, press start and get on with your day.  



Capacity For The Entire Families Needs 


Never struggle to accommodate for the families dirty dishes again, this new dishwasher from Hoover has it covered. Boasting a generous 13 place settings you now have the capacity to accommodate for friends and family within one single wash load. By gaining this added capacity, you can now eliminate the need for washing larger items by hand. This could be an oversized baking tray or a pan, whether the case, there will always be space within your new dishwasher, saving you time when you need it most. 


Take Control of Your Schedule 


Staying on top of family life is never as easy as it sounds, it can almost feel like you have a million things going on at the same time. Luckily, there is one place where you can save some time. This new Hoover dishwasher comes with a rapid wash cycle which enables you to achieve spotless dishes while minimising the time wasted on the cycle. Offering a comprehensive wash cycle in just 24-minutes allows you to reduce the time wasted waiting around for the cycle to come to a finish and enables you to take that first step towards getting on top of your busy schedule.


The Ingenious Way To Tackle Dirty Dishes 


With the modern-day home becoming smarter as the days pass by, its no surprise that this dishwasher from Hoover truly exceeds the boundaries when it comes to interconnected appliances. The new One-Touch feature enables you to connect your smartphone to your dishwasher in a couple of simple steps. Opening up the possibilities to operate your dishwasher on the go, view comprehensive reporting and get the support you need right at your fingertips. Hoover is brand renown for integrating the latest technology within their appliances, the new One-Touch functionality truly makes this dishwasher a pleasure to use on a daily basis. 


Saving You Money On Your Bills 


In recent years, energy efficiency has become one of the most important factors that are taken into consideration when finding a new dishwasher. The latest dishwasher from Hoover ensures the highest standards of performance with no compromise on energy efficiency. Offering an A+ Energy efficiency rating, the daily use of your new dishwasher will keep energy wasted to a minimum resulting in a more energy-efficient home. This incredible energy efficiency rating is accompanied with a dedicated Super-Eco function which empowers you to keep your dishes sparkling clean whilst retaining the highest standards of energy efficiency, by optimising the water usage and cycle temperature your dishwasher will do all the hard work to keep your bills to a minimum.


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