Pairing exceptional build quality with innovative functionality this DXOC49AC3R washing machine from hoover is designed with the family home in mind. Boating an incredible 9KG load capacity, tackling the whole families laundry needs will never be a problem again. The stunning graphite finish creates a sleek aesthetic making this washing machine a perfect addition to any home. 



Programs Tailored To Family Life 


With the ever-changing needs of the family home comes the need for versatile washing programs. Having 15 washing programs available to choose from ensures there will always be a wash cycle which meets your specific needs. Delicate fabrics, speed cycles and cool cycles can are all found within one reliable washing machine. Forget the difficulties of hand washing certain garments, those days are over, now it's as simple as selecting a devoted program and pressing start. 


The Wash Cycle For Delicate Fabrics  


Cotton is a widely used material across world renown brands, having a dedicated program for this fabric essential for immaculate washing results. As cotton is notoriously prone to damage from a standard wash cycle there comes a need for a cycle which offers flower fresh clothing with no damage caused to the clothing items themselves. This Hoover washing machine comes equipped with a program designed specifically for cotton clothing items. Combining a low temperature with caring spin speed you can finally wash your favourite outfits within the washing machine with total peace of mind that they will come out the other side good as new.  


Speed When You Need It Most 


With family life keeping you on your toes day in and day out it can be difficult to stay on top of the laundry. Sometimes things get forgotten, that’s normal, but thanks to the latest speed cycle from hoover you can now even wash those forgotten about outfits in under 15 minutes. The speed wash cycle empowers you to achieve speed and precision when you need it most with no compromise on the quality of the wash.  

School uniforms are prone for coming back covered in grass stains and mud, who even knows how they get this dirty, but now, with the power of the speed wash, you can eliminate these stains in no time. This ensures that no matter what state the school uniforms return in you will always be able to get them ready for the next day at school without spending all night scrubbing them clean.


Precise Water Usage 


Equipped with the latest sensor technology, this washing machine offers an intelligent wash cycle that eliminates stains while providing maximum efficiency. The new KG mode will weigh the wash load at the beginning of the cycle, with this information the correct water usage and energy usage can be calculated to fit the specific load needs. With this bespoke wash cycle, you can always have the total peace of mind that your clothes will come out spotless while only using the precise amount of energy needed. 


Highest Standards of Energy Efficiency 


The constant increase in energy prices creates a need for appliances that truly utilise every ounce of energy. This new Hoover washing machine really does ensure the highest standards of energy efficiency. Boasting an energy class of A+++ you can always have the total peace of mind that your washing needs will never be adding unnecessary cost to your monthly bills. Along with top-of-the-range energy efficiency comes a range of features that separate this washing machine from the rest. The Inverter motor is an effective brushless motor system that constantly moves when the appliance is in operation, rather than stopping and starting this motor reduces friction, therefore creating a more efficient cycle. 



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