Taking care of the families washing needs has never been so easy, this latest washing machine from Hoover is equipped with all the washing essentials to make your life easier. The large drum capacity,  user friendly digital display and beautiful aesthetics, all come together to create a washing machine which is truly special. The ice white finish combined with the sleek hoover logo creates that classic washing machine appearance that we all know and love.


A Tailored Wash Cycle Every Time  


Laundry day is more than a chore, it's a day where we mentally prepare ourselves for the week ahead. Allow the latest Hoover washing machine to transform this chore into a job that we can truly enjoy. The dedicated KG Mode uses intelligent sensors to weigh the washing load, from there all of the variables can be tailored to meet your load's specific needs. This washing machine will calculate the exact water, electrical usage and cycle time required to provide immaculate cleaning results every time. Professionally washed clothes don't have to break the bank, this Hoover washing machine combines performance and efficiency in perfect harmony. 


Efficiency With Every Aspect Of The Wash Cycle 


When someone mentions efficiency, what is the first thing that comes to mind? While many may think efficiency only refers to electrical usage and water usage you will start to realise that efficiency is a whole lot more than that. Fabric softener and washing liquids are always essential for looking after your favourite clothing items, but have you ever taken the time to consider how you can reduce these washing liquids wasted.. Luckily, the latest washing machine from Hoover does it all for you. The Clever Care Dose system automates the washing liquid usage, calculated to meet the needs of your washing load perfectly. By simply filling up the dedicated dosing tray, you will be prepared for up to 21 wash cycles with zero need to top up. 


Monitor Your Washing On The Go


Free up your schedule with the new Hoover Wizard App. As the family home becomes increasingly connected with our smartphones as the days pass by.  It's time for an advancement in the way we wash out clothes. Eliminating the need for awkwardly waiting around for the cycle to come to a finish. The application connects with this wifi enabled Hoover washing machine empowering you to manage your wash cycle from wherever you may be. Relaxing in the living room, getting started on dinner or simply enjoying some time with the family, the possibilities are endless. It even works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can control the wash with easy voice commands.


Speed When You Need It Most 


A program for every occasion, the latest Hoover washing machine really does offer it all. When the schedule is tight you can rely on this washing machine to provide you with the speed and care your clothes need so you can get on with your day. The Quick Wash offers a fast cycle which is completed in just 14 minutes for a wash load of 1.5KG. The perfect assistant for dealing with the last-minute families washing needs. This is especially useful for those days when the kids arrive home from a day at school with uniforms covered in mud. Who even knows what they get up to in the playground. The Quick Wash offers you a rapid solution to these last-minute washing needs providing spotless uniforms regardless of how dirty they were the night before. 


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