luxurious aesthetics paired with unbeatable performance, this dishwasher from Hoover truly offers it all. There is nothing better getting home from a long day at work and preparing a delicious meal for the family, once finished we are left dreading the chore of washing up. This should never be the case! This Hoover dishwasher takes the stress away from cleaning your dirty dishes, combining the latest technology with a design that blends into any kitchen seamlessly, you can now deal with everything family life throws at you.


Designed For The Family Home 


Family time is special. It’s just one of those things that you need in life. Spending long days at work can lead to you pushing family life to one side. Luckily, there is one place where you can't save some time in your busy schedule. The washing up. The average time taken to wash our dishes is 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the meal prepared. This new Hoover dishwasher has been designed to keep time spent washing up to a minimum helping to maximise quality time spent with the family. 

The DYNAMATIC MEGA is a spacious yet efficient dishwasher design which allows your handle wash loads of any size. With up to 16 place setting available this dishwasher is a whopping 33% bigger than a standard 12 place setting dishwasher. Regardless of your dinner plans, you will never find yourself washing larger cooking items by hand again. 


Washing Functions For Every Situation 


Sparkling dishes resemble a well looked after household. As you get into your cooking you will start to find that the most flavourful recipes are also the most messy.  For this reason It's absolutely crucial that you can rely on the dishwasher to handle mess time after time. This Hoover dishwasher comes equipped with a range of versatile programs allowing you to achieve spotless results every time. Striking fear into the eyes of sticky sauces and filthy forks this dishwasher will have a program perfectly suited to your situation. Say goodbye to having to double wash those extra dirty pots and pans and welcome that brand new glossy finish achieved after every cycle.   


Naturally Dry Dishes


The perfect way to dry your dishes has finally arrived. This new Hoover dishwasher offers the incredible AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENING feature. Once the cycle has come to a finish, the dishwasher door will automatically open a couple centimetres allowing fresh air to circulate the freshly cleaned dishes. This will not only allow the excess steam to clear but this will also create the best environment for your dishes to dry. Water stains are a thing of the past. This dishwasher uses intuitive design features to dry your plates with no energy going to waste.


Outstanding Energy Efficiency 


Incredible performance paired with the highest standards of energy efficiency. Hoover is a brand we all know and trust when it comes to going above and beyond, not just with functionality but with energy efficiency as well. This fully integrated dishwasher boasts an energy efficiency rating of A+++ allowing you to keep running costs to an all time low with no compromise on your washing results. Saving energy with every cycle your new dishwasher will conserve you up to 25% more energy than a standard A+ efficiency rated dishwasher. 


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