Getting the most out of your weekly food shop is obviously important right now. However, getting into the routine of making your food budget stretch doesn’t only mean fewer trips to the supermarket. Reducing food waste saves you money, expands your culinary skills and creativity.

Shockingly we threw away 43 million tonnes of food in 2018. In this study from Wrap, plenty more unsavoury information was uncovered, as the organisation looks to improve how we use our global resources. Perhaps what is more shocking is how households contribute to this, with 70% of all food waste coming from our homes.

So this handy guide isn’t just to help you in these uncertain time, but also to help get us into habits that will have positive impacts across multiple areas. In collaboration with Hoover, the team at conway tv have compiled some fantastic ways to make the most from your food.

From delicious recipes for using up ingredients to handy substitutions and food storage tips, we’ve created a one-stop area for all you need to know.


Handy Food Substitutes

Currently, all the ingredients for your next recipe may not even be on the shelf at the supermarket. You may think that takes a lot off the menu, however, there are plenty of handy substitutions that can step in to save dinner time.

Many of the switches below actually originate in healthier recipes we’ve found across various recipe sites. So even when the shop shelves are fully restocked you may want to consider making the switch to some of the below permanently.


Switch Egg Whites For Chickpea Water (Aquafaba)

Certainly our favourite of all the substitutions we are going to talk about today. Eggs are in short supply at the moment, and even when they are available can cause unnecessary waste. If you have no use for the remaining egg yolk when using egg whites you may want to consider a switch to chickpea water or, to use the proper name, Aquafaba.

Chickpeas themselves are a great asset to making the most of your meals. When one-pot cookings dishes like stews there are few better was to bulk them out then with a tin of chickpeas. The next time you do ensure you save the water in the can for your next baked dish.

Any recipe calling for egg whites can be switched out for a similar amount of Aquafaba. It’s not only a great way to reduce waste but is also healthier than egg whites and even vegan! You can’t lose when using this clever cooking hack, even if you just whip the chickpea water with some sugar to create super easy meringues.


Spiralize Root Vegetables Instead Of Using Pasta